Constitutional Law Society

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The constitutional law society is a progressive student run organisation. CLS celebrates the vitality of our Indian Constitution and the values that our constitution upholds. The society aims at developing interest among the young minds towards the constitutional law through various deliberations and discussions the society endeavours to undertake.. The society aims at bringing together like minded scholars who share common interest in constitutional law and provide them a forum for intense debate and brainstorming.

Founded in 2015, CLS is headquartered in Ranchi, India. The organization promotes and facilitates discussion and debate of progressive public policy ideas and issues, providing forum for legal scholars, lawmakers, judges, lawyers, public policy advocates, law students, and members of the media.

The constitutional law society was founded under the directorship of Dr. Partha Pratim Mitra and National Symposium on NJAC V. Collegium System was organized as its inaugural event followed by NUSRL Model United Conference 2016,which is an annual event organized by the society. CLS is about to start “The Constitutional Law Journal”, a bi-annual journal to promote critical constitutional law research. The society, in its spirit, wishes to flourish and organize many more analytical debates, discussions, brainstorming sessions in the years to come.