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About Dr. Mausam

Taught at Jagmohan College of Law, Meerut for more than three years. Has done Doctoral Work on Anti-Competitive Agreements Regulation in India. Had been JRF and SRF during research period. Area of interest is competition law and corporate law. Presented paper in National Conferences. Participated in various National and International Conferences and Training Programmes. Had been Visiting Faculty at Indian Law Institute, New Delhi. Published articles in various journals listed in UGC CARE LIST and peered reviewed.


Awards and Accomplishments

Memberships: –

  • Anti-Ragging Committee
  • Disciplinary Committee
  • Cultural Committee
  • Hostel Inspection Committee
  • System Committee


LL.B – School of Law, B.H.U

LL.M – Faculty of Law University of Delhi

Ph.D – University of Delhi, New Delhi


Areas of Interest/Research

Competition Law and Corporate Law

Teaching / Research Experience

Have more than 5 years of teaching experience.


Conference / Seminar / Workshop

GIAN Course on European Competition Law at NLUD under auspices of MHRD.

Winter School in collaboration of University of University of Campania, Italy and

NLUD on Comparative Law.

Certificate Course on Law & Practice of Insolvency and Bankruptcy, NLUD & IBBI, 20022/2023

Certificate Course on Legal Aid & Allied Laws, GNLU, 2023

Visiting Faculty/Guest Lectures

 Had delivered lectures at Indian Law Institute, New Delhi as visiting faculty.


Books: (with full citation: Publisher, year)

Articles in Journals: (with complete citation & web

link, if available)


Articles in UGC CARE list Journals

“Facebook’s Monopoly in Social Networking Market:  A Critical Test for Antitrust Laws”, pp. 245-69, Journal of Indian Law Institute, ISSN 0017-5731 (2021).

“Deterring Cartel in India: A Half UN (done) Job?”, pp 167-179, Indian Journal of Law

and Justice, ISSN: 0976-3570. (2016)

Articles in Journal which were in UGC list at the time of Publication

“Cement Cartelization Case: (Re) Defining Moment for Competition Jurisprudence in

India”, pp 132-140, JOLTI, ISSN: 2231-1580. (2015)

“Corporate Governance Regime in India”, pp. 145-158, National Capital Law Journal,

ISSN: 0972-0936 (2017)

Articles in Peer-reviewed Journal

Covid-19’s Fatal Blow to Free Market Theorem: Fault lines are Visible in ‘Invisible Hand’, pp. 60-75, Indraprastha Technology Law Journal, ISSN 2394-1839.

Whither Corporate Speech: Neverland of Democracy and Moral Obligation? , Indraprastha Technology Journal, ISSN 2394-1839, Jan -Feb 2023



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