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About Mr. Shantanu Braj Choubey

Mr. Choubey is inclined towards the interdisciplinary aspects of laws and adopts a practical approach towards his areas of interest, that include labour laws and corporate governance.


  • B.A.LL.B. (Hons. in Corporate Laws) from National Law University Odisha
  • Master of Laws in Comparative Law, Economics and Finance from the University of Turin, Italy & International University College of Turin, Italy.

Areas of Interest/Research

Labour laws, corporate governance, law & economics

Teaching / Research Experience

 6 years

Conference / Seminar / Workshop

  • Paper presenter, International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Emerging Markets Conference, held at IIM Bodh Gaya, India.
  • Paper presenter, Festival for New Economic Thinking and 2017 INET Conference, held at the University of Edinburgh, UK.
  • Paper presenter, YSI Plenary “Piercing Together a Paradigm” 2016, held at the Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.
  • Paper presenter, 2nd International Conference on Law and Economics, held at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India.

Visiting Faculty/Guest Lectures

  • Guest lecture on “[w]ho is a worker?”, at International University College of Turin, Italy, in 2023.

Resource Person, Management Development Programme on Excellence in Public Service, at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, India, in 2022.


Articles in Journals

  • Abril, Choubey, et. al. (2024). Reasonable Accommodation and Disability: A Comparative Analysis. Diritto della Sicurezza sul Lavoro, available at https://journals.uniurb.it/index.php/dsl/article/download/4466/3895/16564.
  • Choubey, S.B. (2023). The Uber Conundrum. National Law School Journal, Vol. 17(1), available at https://repository.nls.ac.in/nlsj/vol17/iss1/5/
  • Choubey, S.B. (2022). Economic Analysis of the Laws Concerning Eminent Domain in India. NUSRL Journal of Law & Policy, Vol IX.
  • Choubey, S.B. & Singh, A.V. (2014). Foreign Portfolio Investors: A Developmental Approach. [2014] Company Law Journal 80(1)
  • Choubey, S.B. & Singh, A.V. (2013). SEBI’s Action Plan for Foreign Portfolio Investors. [2013] 117 Corporate Law Advisor (Mag.) 37

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