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About Rabindra Kumar Pathak

Rabindra Kumar Pathak is an Assistant Professor and Assistant Director (Research & Training) at National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi. He has also served as Assistant Professor at Department of Law, University of Burdwan. He is a law graduate from Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi (2007). He did his LL.M. with P P Rao Gold Medal in Jurisprudence from Indian Law Institute, New Delhi (2009), and Ph.D. from the University of Burdwan (2014). He qualified for Junior Research Fellowship in 2012. He has authored a number of books besides publishing papers in journals and law reviews of repute. He has worked on two projects with the Indian law Institute, New Delhi. He is one of the editors of NUSRL Journal of Law and Policy. His area of interest is Legal Theory. His research supervision includes 6 Ph.D.s and 40 LL.M. dissertations.


LL.B. (Campus Law Centre, Delhi University), LL.M. (Indian Law Institute, New Delhi), Ph.D. (University of Burdwan)

Area of Interest/Research

Legal Theory

Teaching / Research Experience

12 years

Conference / Seminar / Workshop

  1. Resource Person  in a National Conference on “Centre-State Relations” organized by Jharkhand Legislative Assembly in collaboration with NUSRL, Ranchi (23rdNovember, 2022)
  2. Resource Person in Centennial National Conference on “Legal Education in India: Retrospect and Prospect”, organized by Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University (3rd-4thFebruary, 2024)
  3. Resource person on “Law Relating to Public Servants” at Institutional Training for Basic Legal Orientation of Drugs Inspectors of the State of Jharkhand, 2020.
  4. Resource person on “Principles of Criminal Law” at Institutional Training for Basic Legal Orientation of Drugs Inspectors of the State of Jharkhand, 2020.
  5. Resource person on “Elements of Crime” at Institutional Training for Basic Legal Orientation of Drugs Inspectors of the State of Jharkhand, 2020.
  6. Resource Person in a Refresher Course in Human Rights and Constitution of India organized by Human Resource Development Centre, Ranchi University(21.08.2021).
  7. Resource Person in a Refresher Course during the Guru Dakshta 5thFaculty Induction Programme organized by Human Resource Development Centre, Ranchi University (27.08.2021)
  8. Presented paper on“A Tale of a Failed Local Governance and Role of Civil Society in Jharkhand: A Critical Appraisal”, International Conference on Transparency and Accountability, National Law University, New Delhi, 13-14thOctober, 2012.
  9. Presented paper on “Rights of the Tribal in India with Special Reference to Forest Rights Act, 2006”, National Seminar on Tribal Rights: Issues & Challenges in Jharkhand National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi, (23-24 May 2015)
  10. Presented paper on “A Socio Legal Perspective of Eunuchs in India”, UGC Sponsored International Seminar on Society, Law and Humanity, Jogesh Chandra Chaudhuri Law College, Calcutta University (15thMay, 2015)
  11. Participated in a National Seminar on “Delay in Administration of Criminal Justice System” Indian Law Institute, 2007.
  12. Presented paper on “Supreme Court and Gandhi” at a national Seminar organised by by Gandhi Smriti and Drashan Samiti, New Delhi at National University of Study and Research In Law, Ranchi on 10thDecember, 2019
  13. Presented paper on “ Mob Lynching and Vigilantism: A human Rights Perspective” at a national Seminar organised by by Gandhi Smriti and Drashan Samiti, New Delhi at National University of Study and Research In Law, Ranchi on 10thDecember, 2019
  14. Participated and presented paper in a workshop organized by NUSRL on the topic “Research Methodology: How to Approach Project Writing and Viva” (2013).
  15. Participated in a workshop on “MOOCS, e-content Development and Open Educational Resources” 24-30thJuly 2018 organized by NUSRL, Ranchi.
  16. Participated in aweek long workshop on Sex and Death in Criminal law organized by Indian Law Institute, New Delhi (October, 2016)

Visiting Faculty/Guest Lectures

  1. Lecture delivered on “Punishment and Sentencing”, organized by National Law University Delhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA), 2021.
  2. Guest Lecture on “Human Rights as Constitutional Rights” on 26th November 2020, for the students of the MA Programme (MA Course:Globalization of Human Rights), SIS, JNU.
  3. Delivered a lecture on “Mental Healthcare Act, 2017” in a Workshop by Central Institute of Psychiatry, Kanke, Ranchi (2022)
  4. Delivered a lecture on “Constitutional Law” in a Training Programme by National Academy of Direct Taxes, Regional Campus, Ranchi (2024)
  5. Delivered a lecture on “ Preamble—The Soul of Indian Constitution”, Shahadra District Legal Services Authority, Karkadooma Courts, Delhi (2020)
  6. Delivered a Lecture in a Training Programme “On Prison Administration, Prison Reforms and Rights and Entitlements of Prisoners”, organized by Centre for Criminal Law, NUSRL in collaboration with Bureau of Police Research and Development (29th-31st October, 2018)
  7. Delivered a lecture on “Journey of the Indian Constitution” Amity University Jharkhand(2019)
  8. Delivered a lecture on “Historical Approach to Legal Research”, at G D Goenka University (2022).
  9. “Nature of Law”, Bimal Chandra Law College, Murshidabad, West Bengal, (2023).
  10. Delivered a lecture on “Interpreting the Constitution”, at Maharishi University (2023).
  11. Delivered a lecture on “Conceptualising Human Rights”, Galgotias University (2022).
  12. Delivered a lecture in “Right to Property” at Jamshedpur Women’s College (2017).
  13. Delivered a lecture on “Bharat: Loktantra ki Janani” at Birsa Agricultural University, Ranchi (2022)
  14. Delivered a Lecture on “Interpretation of Statute: General Clauses Act, 1897” at Bengal Law College, Shantiniketan, West Bengal (2021).
  15. Delivered a lecture on “Law and Justice” at Durgapur Institute of Legal Studies (2023).



  1. Judicial Process(Thomson Reuters, 2019)
  2. Protection of Women from Domestic Violence(Thomson Reuters, 2019)
  3. Economic Analysis of Law(Edited) (Thomson Reuters, 2021)
  4. D D Basu’s Law of Tort(Revising Author), (Kamal Law House, 2023)
  5. Indian Constitution: Essays in Honour of Prof. S S Singh(Edited) (ABS Books, 2018)
  6. Rethinking Law (Edited), (Authorspress, 2013)
  7. A Handbook on Animal Rights(Edited)(NUSRL, 2021)
  8. Environmental Law (Edited), (Book Corporation, 2019)


Articles in Journals:

“Untangling the Constitutional Labyrinth”, Bond Law Review (2010)

“Historical Approach to Legal Research”, Soochow Law Journal (2020)

“Text, Context, and Human Rights-Based Interpretations by Domestic Courts”, Shimla Law Review (2021)

“Conceptualising Right to Property”, Banaras Law Journal (2022)

“Dworkin’s Theory of Adjudication: Revisiting the Law’s Empire,  Banaras Law Journal (2016)

“Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005: A Procedural Overview”, Banaras Law Journal (2020)

“Conceptualizing and Contextualizing Natural Law”, RMLNLU Law Review (2023)

“The Virtue of Rule of Law”, 7 RMLNLUJ 121 (2015)

“Can a Jurist be a Judge?: A Tale of a Failed Constitutional Experiment”, Rostrum’s Law Review (2013)

“The Holy Fast to Death and Conflicting Constitutional Moralities”,  Rostrum’s Law Review (2020)

“Development of Muslim Law in India: A Retrospect”, Journal of Islamic Law Review (2018)

“Reading Jurisprudence”, NUSRL Journal of Law and Policy (2017)

“Ragging: The Problem and the Possibility”, Indian Bar Review (2009)

“Poverty as a Human Rights Problem”, Indian Human Rights Law Review, (2010)

“Concept of Law: A Jurisprudential Exploration”, MDU Law Journal (2010)

“The Crisis in Human Rights: Universalism and Culturalism Debate Revisited”
Indian Human Rights Law Review (2012)

“Social Justice under Post-Colonial Constitution of India: A Cinematic Sojourn”, Journal of Law and Social Sciences (2012)

“Natural Law and Indian Jurisprudence”, Burdwan University Law Review (2014)

“Adjudication vis-à-vis Separation of Powers: A Jurisprudential Analysis”, Madras Law Journal (2009)

“Some Reflections on Witchcraft in India”. NUSRL Journal of Law and Policy (2022).

Contributed three modules (four quadrants) in Epg-pathsala Project (A Ministry of HRD Project, Government of India, 2017) on Meaning of Punishment, Retributive and Deterrence Theories of Punishment, Sentencing, Public Opinion and Media Reporting.


Chapters in Books:

  1. “Climate Change and Tortious Liability”, in Subhram Rajkhowa (Ed), Climate Change and Climate Justice (Satyam Law International, 2024).
  2. “Dynamics of Judicial Process” in Uday Shankar al(Ed) The Journey of Seven Decades: Constitutional Discourse at Crossroads, HNLU (2022).
  3. Justice, Liberty and Equality: The Preambular Promise” in Deepa Kansra (Ed),
    The Preamble, Universal Law Publishing Pvt.Ltd., New Delhi (2013)
  4. “Constitutional Adjudication” in Deepa Kansra, Rabindra Pathak al (Ed), Rethinking Law, Authorspress, New Delhi (2012)
  5. “Corruption in India: A Threat to Rule of India”, in Prof. B C Nirmal al. (ed), Combating, Corruption Black Money and Money Laundering: Issues and Challenges Ahead(Satyam Law International, New Delhi, India, 2017)

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